2 Ways to Style a Long Dress for Fall

When I spotted this dress at the Goodwill it was still a blistering 80 degrees outside. Yet, the instant I saw the beautiful pattern, intricate pleating and vintage buttons, all I could dream about were the cool, crisp days when I would be wearing this dress.  It may have bee a bit too big and the sleeves just a tad too long but those were all very easy fixes. Too big? Add a belt. Sleeves to long? Double stick tape. Ok, eventually I’ll actually sew the cuff but tape works just fine for now😜 .  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but don’t discard a thrifted item until you see how it looks with a belt!  I’ve picked up many, many dresses and skirts that are too big but look instantly better with the addition of a simple belt.

The dress on it’s own is certainly a statement piece and pulls together the easiest outfit.  Dress – check. Boots- check. Done! You could really stop there but I wanted to have some fun with the colors in the dress and accessorized with this burgundy hat and coordinating bag.   And naturally a matching lip 😘.

Thrifted Dress // ASOS Navy Boots (similar here & here) // Rebecca Minkoff Bag (similar herehere) // Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crayon in “Plum N Get It”

After writing this post about wearing dresses as tops with jeans, I’ve been inspired to look at all my dresses with a different angle.  Thinking to myself – how can I get the most out of my wardrobe and wear something not how it was meant to be worn? Since the dress has a great boho, 70’s vibe to it, I love the idea of treating it as a breezy cover-up (also quite the 70’s); easily thrown over a tee & jeans.

Speaking of jeans, these are the new Levi’s Skinny High Rise Jeans I picked up recently.  Also since my last post on skinny jeans, I realized I desperately needed a new pair.  My old pair were also Levi’s and I’d loved them so much they were so close to developing a hole in the inner thigh.  That’s how much a loved them. So I naturally went back to Levi’s for my updated pair. I had considered other places but I’m never disappointed with Levi’s so why risk it?  A great pair of skinny jeans can also be tricky due to the lycra added in for necessary stretch. Too often, I’d buy a pair that look really great in the fitting room but after an hour of wear would be sagging in all the wrong places. Never a good look.  But I’m happy to report, these stay exactly where they need to be while still hugging all the right curves.

These sunglasses also came just in time for this outfit.  I didn’t realize they were going to be more yellow than gold but I actually love the retro feel the color has!  They perfectly finish off this 70’s look 😎  But I also see them looking really cool with a simple, modern neutral denim outfit.  Think light wash straight jeans, black turtleneck, black booties and these sunglasses.  As the British like to say –  brilliant.

Thrifted Dress // AE Tee (similar here) // Levi’s Skinny Jeans // Fergie Velvet Booties (similar here & here) // Vintage Dior Bag // Ilymix Sunglasses // Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crayon in “Plum N Get It”

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Photography by Jacob Baccus


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