Thrifting the Trends // 2019 Trends You Can Wear Right Now


Move over coral, beige is the unofficial color of the year. Designers, influencers and retailers are fully embracing this trend as a breath of fresh air from traditional neutrals like black, grey & cream. Especially when worn head-to-toe, this color has the ability to make a bold statement while still looking effortlessly chic. Take advantage of vintage pieces from the 70s and 90s by layering multiple textures and silhouettes. Then when the spring flowers have sprung, beige linen pants will be your go-to pant for the season.

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The scariest and yet the most fun trend of the year – neon. Fashion embarked on a journey through the decades many years ago; slowly incorporating trends from the past into every collection. This year, designers were inspired to inject A LOT of fun during what could be considered, a pretty dismal time (politically speaking of course). So it should comes to no surprise that one can find loads of the coolest neon pieces from the decade that started it.

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Zara just launched a new collection entirely devoted to the military trend so you know it’s a big deal. Military jackets, cargo pants, surplus shirts, sailor pants, camouflage; none of it is off limits this season. While everyone is going to be scooping up those Zara pieces, why not unearth the coolest military pieces that are entirely authentic?

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The rising instagram posts of pearl adorned hair barrettes is hard to ignore. But what may be harder to spot are the pearl details showing up on everything from outerwear to shoes. Its a more subtle embellishment than the rhinestone but still offers something extra to a garment or outfit. As you may be able to tell from the loads of pearls your grandmother wore, the 50’s loved to embellish with this gem. This just means there are loads of amazing pearl embellished clothing in vintage and thrift shops everywhere!

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Inspirations from the Street

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