5 Out-of-the-Box Organizing Tips & Tricks

I like to de-stress by organizing.  It brings me such joy seeing a gradient of denim washes perfecting lined up on a shelf.  I’ve also lived in 400 sq feet studio apartment to 800 sq feet throughout my time living in New York City.  Needless to say, I’ve had to get creative in order to fit an ever-growing wardrobe, jewelry collection and lipstick addiction.  So I wanted to share 5 organizing tips and tricks you may not have thought of but will change your life forever! Ok, a bit dramatic but it’s possible 🤓.

1. Use a desk organizer for makeup

Or in my case, a very large collection of lipsticks!  I picked this one up a long time ago from Homegoods (which is my favorite place to find desk accessories). Each drawer is dedicated to a color family so I can easily find the lipstick want I want to wear for the day. The top drawer are nudes, followed by reds/cranberries, then pinks, ending with corals (in order of most used).  This makes the most sense to me because I wear a lot of different colors and choose the color based on my what I’m wearing.  However, you can also organize by formula (liquid, cream, stain) or even brand; pick the system that makes the most sense for you!  Since this unit looks good and hides the contents within, I’m able to keep it in a very convinent, central location.  For me, it’s near the door, next to a mirror (has to be next to a mirror!).  Since lipstick is the last thing I put on, its very important to me it’s in a this location so I can get out the door quickly!

Love these drawer units!

1  // 2  //  3  //  4  //  5

2. Turn baskets & boxes on their sides

When I first discovered this trick, the angels started singing.  Ok, that may be a tad dramatic but the organizing Gods were clapping😜.  Using baskets (they must be square) & boxes on the side with the opening facing out accomplishes so many things!

  1. Creates an additional shelf – #1 reason to do this! As you can see in the photo, I can use the top of the box to stack more things! It’s great to keep bags, boots or more baskets!    
  2. Secures stacks from falling over –  I’m sure you’ve had piles on denim fall on your head more times than you can count.  Stacking them (or anything for that matter) in a box/basket will prevent that!  Especially if you only have a few stacks. 
  3. Easily access items on tall shelves – My closet shelf is very high (or I could be very short?) so I’m able to easily take the box down to grab what I need and put it back without ANYTHING falling over.
  4. Quick & convenient storage – When I no longer need my sweaters, I can easily flip the boxes over and store my sweaters away for next season!

3. Add an extra rod

 This double hanging rod is the perfect addition to any closet – small, medium or large!  It’s so simple to attach and as it promises, it doubles your closet space!  I use it for my shorter skirts and pants and positioned it under my shirts.  It’s also adjustable so it can easily fit in any closet and suit various wardrobes.  It’s also easily movable (it’s a large stick after all) which is amazing if you’re a renter like me and tend to move A LOT!

Closetmaid Double Hanging Rod

 4. Stack 3 different ways

I’m a big fan of playing tetris – with my closet.  By thinking outside of the box and stacking your clothes different ways will ultimately maximize your space.  I don’t have any shelving in my closet so I’m currently using a Target cabinet to store my jeans and sweaters.  In order to fully maximize the space within the cabinet I stacked my jeans 3 ways.

For the top stack, I placed my dark denim facing out and my black denim facing in.  This accomplishes 2 things: classifies the washes and evens out the bulk.  When folding clothes, the bulk of the item ends up at the fold so by alternating the placement of the item when stacking, you can fit more clothes! (yay!)  

Then on the bottom shelf, I used the file method to store my jeans.  I did this because I had more room running horizontally and therefore was able to fit more jeans.  We are always on a mission to fit more clothes! 

5. Use a picnic basket to store… anything!

I’m very excited to share this tip with you because picnic baskets are easily found at the thrift store in all shapes and sizes! And they are adorable too!   I didn’t have a plan for this picnic basket when I first saw it but I loved the colors and knew it would come in very handy for something.  And it did!  Right now I’m using it to store my tights and undergarments because I ran out of dresser space for these items.  Like tip #1, I can keep this basket out on display (because it’s so stinkin’ cute) and no one will know what’s inside!


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