A Very Impractical Purchase but I Love It

Buying a leather skirt at the end of March may be a very impractical purchase. After all, I said goodbye to my Winter coats and hello to my floral dresses just this week! But when it comes to shopping at thrift or vintage stores, its best to throw logic out the window. My philosophy when thrifting is “buy it now or regret it later”. So if you spot an impeccable long wool camel coat in the middle of August when you’re sweating buckets, buy it! Because when the cold does come sweeping in, that coat will be draping the shoulders of some other stylish women and you’ll wish she was you.

When I found this leather skirt it was a beautiful 70 degree sunny day and the only thing on my mind were florals and linen. As I was scouring the racks, this amazing 80s leather skirt caught my eye. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid buying any new leather so when I see any bit of leather on the racks, my heart begins to race. It wasn’t until I brought it into the fitting room that I realized I had found my perfect leather skirt. I knew that I wasn’t going to get much wear of it this season but it didn’t matter since I would be wearing it for many Fall & Winter seasons to come!

Yet I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to style it up at least once before packing it away! One of my favorite ways to transition Winter pieces into Spring is by pairing it with bright colors. Neon colors are a huge trend this spring/summer as is green, so I couldn’t resist pairing the skirt with this linen blouse I thrifted last spring. I wanted to make this look a bit more casual so I knotted the shirt at the waist instead of tucking it in. This styling hack also prevents any weird lines or bunching under the skirt! I balanced out the neon shirt with neon sandals (I’ve had these for a long time!) so my top half wouldn’t look like a traffic light (😜). Finally, this vintage beaded peacock bag added just the right amount of playfulness to the look without clashing with the shirt.

If your interested in a similar leather skirt, I included a few really great affordable vintage options I found on Etsy at the end of this post. This skirt was very popular in the 80s so there’s so many still to be found!

Thrifted Shirt // Vintage Leather Skirt // Old Ann Taylor Sandals // Vintage Necklace // Vintage Bag

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1980s Wilson’s Leather Skirt from Bloombird
Vintage Winlit Leather Skirt from Night Hawks Vintage
1980s Leather Skirt from Mezcal & Leather
Vintage Wilson’s Leather from SaksThrift

Photography by Jacob Baccus


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