An Easy & Fun Weekend Outfit

Hello! If you read yesterday’s post then you know the background behind this cute sweater. If not, you can check it out here. Since I already styled this sweater for work, I wanted to give you guys some weekend outfit inspiration too! You know, for those Sunday football games ;). I love finding unique sweaters like this one at thrift stores because they can easily add interest to simple jeans outfit. This outfit is only 4 pieces – how easy is that???

Naturally, on the weekend, I am all about jeans and comfy shoes. My trusty straight leg Levi’s would have looked great here too but I wanted to change it up a bit with these wide-leg crop jeans from Madewell. “Wide leg” and “crop” are two words that petite curvy girls have stayed away from in the past. Well not this short, thick-thighed girl! I actually find them to be really flattering. But I still try to create as much length as possible to create that “illusion of height”. Which means “high-waisted” is a critical attribute in a good pair of wide-leg crops. And I always tuck my tops into my jeans to show as much of the leg as possible.

What I also love about cropped jeans is that I can show off really fun shoes! While a heeled shoe does helps to further elongate the leg, I find it isn’t completely necessary (especially for the weekend) as long the shoe is pointed. Pointed shoes are a short girls best friend because they create, again, that ,illusion of length. We’re really playing with magic over here.

I don’t think I need to say much about belt bags anymore besides “go buy one!”. If you haven’t taken the plunge, you are sorely missing out! I now own 4 of them and I love wearing them on the weekends, shopping (you only need a credit card and phone right?) or running errands. Even though I don’t go clubbing anymore, I wish I had belt bags were cool when I did! I wouldn’t have to worry about my bag getting stolen and my hands would be free for raising all of the roofs. Or in this scenario, lots of cheering!

Outfit Details

Sweater: Thrifted (some awesome bright blazers: here, here& here)

Jeans: Madewell Wide Leg Crop

Belt Bag: ASOS (similar here)

Shoes : ASOS (old; similar here& here)

Necklace: Etsy

Sunglasses: Gap


Mini Lipstick Review: This is more of a tinted lip balm then a lipstick and I love it so much – I actually just bought a replacement! It’s really easy to pop on when I need a natural bit of color. Since it’s a balm, it also softens my lips AND it has SPF! I have 3 other colors from the line but it looks like they are discontinuing so make sure to snag one now!

Photography by Jacob Baccus


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