Comparing 4 Buy and Sell Platforms from a Buyer and Seller

Ever since I started thrifting and opened up my business, Redkey Threads, I’ve been using various buy and sell platforms to determine which ones are best for me from a sellers perspective. Of course along with selling, I’ve been buying off of these platforms too! Well I realized there are quite a few out there these days, it seems like more and more are popping up! The newest platform being Relovv. They had reached out to me and asked if I would use their app to purchase something and leave an honest review. I didn’t hesitate to say yes because I was so happy to be able to support a sustainable and woman owned business. But I realized that I had been using multiple platforms for about a year now that I decided to leave my honest review on the ones I’ve used; Thred Up, Poshmark, Depop and Relovv. I decided not to include Etsy or Ebay because I think they’re in a completely different ball game.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any other these companies and my reviews are based on my personal experiences and preferences.

Thred Up

What’s it about? Thred Up is the largest fashion resale marketplace with a variety of brands up to 90% off for women and kids. Funny enough it started in 2009 as a place for the CEO to swap men’s shirts! According to the website, they add over 40k of new arrival DAILY! The inventory is sent to the company through their “Clean Out Kits” and then sorted, cleaned and listed by automated Upcycle Centers and other “cutting-edge technology and fancy logistics”. Thred Up’s goal is to redefine the resale market and “inspire a new generation of shoppers to think secondhand first.”

What’s it like to buy? Shopping on the site to extremely easy and akin to any modern retailer with filters by size, color, category, price and much more. Even more, you an save your specific sizes and favorite brands so every time you visit the site, it will automatically filter for you! They don’t accept item older than 5 years so you won’t find any vintage here. However, since more work is put into each item, the prices are more in the mid-range and you can’t negotiate.

What’s it like to sell? I was actually first introduced to Thred Up when I was looking for a easy way to donate my clothes while living in NYC. Since I didn’t have a car, I couldn’t lug bags (yes, bags!) of unwanted clothes to the Goodwill on the subway and I would always forgot to bring some with me whenever I was heading that way. That’s when Thred Up’s Clean Out Kit became a life saver. All you need to do is order a “kit” from the site, fill the bag with your unwanted clothes, set up a USPS pick up and drop off your bag for the post man to pick up. Its free to order a bag and free to ship it full of your clothes to their facility! Once it arrives to the warehouse, the items deemed worthy to sell are picked and processed to site, while the discarded items are donated on your behalf! You get a payout once the item sells. If it doesn’t sell within a specific time period, they give you the option to get it back or just donate it. You can find more details regarding the whole process here.

BEST FOR: Those are a nervous to buy from a person and prefer a more reputable company. Its also best if you’re looking to quickly and easily clean out your closet. The payout you receive is very minimal so its not best for a steady stream of extra cash but you can use the credit to buy items from the site.


What’s it about? Poshmark is the largest social resale marketplace where anyone can buy and sell on the platform. The site currently has over 2 million sellers and millions of buyers. Poshmark’s mission is to create a “vibrant community” of sellers and buyers “to create the most connected shopping experience in the world”.

What’s it like to buy? As a shopper, you can search for a specific item from all the sellers or follow particular sellers and shop from their boutique. However, it’s not the best site to just “browse”. The home page populates by designer or boutique rather than style or color. Also, not all the photos are that visually appealing and the descriptions are left up to the discretion of seller. Therefore, you will still need to weed through the listings to find something you like. However, when you do find that item you love, it’s usually at a very good price and you can easily make an offer if you’d like (so you can get for less!). Poshmark is very protective over their buyers so you’re not taking any risk purchasing from the app. Sellers will only receive their payment once the buyer accepts the package.

What’s it like to sell? Listing an item is extremely easy but can only be done on your phone. Otherwise, it’s my least favorite method of selling because you will need to be consistently active if you want to sell your items. Since it’s a “social” shopping platform, sellers “share” their listing to their followers or on a “Posh Party”. As explained on Poshmark, “Posh Parties are virtual buying and selling events that happen in the app. You can browse, buy, and even list together with your friends”. If you’re looking to casually sell your items and you have some time here and there to be active on the platform then I think it will work for you. However, if you’re looking to make a lot of extra cash, it will feel like a full time job to be successful. It’s also not the best platform to sell vintage – it’s geared toward current designer brands. Lastly, while the negotiation feature is great for buyers, it’s a huge pet peeve of my mine as a seller. It’s known among the Poshmark seller community that people ask for egregiously low offers. Poshmark also takes a 20% fee of the final sale price. Because of this, its not my favorite resell app. DISCLAIMER: This is strictly my personal opinion based on my preferences and personality. Many people have found success with this app!

Best For: Finding designer and brand items at a low price!


What’s it about? Depop is like the Instagram of buy & sell apps. Literally, the interface is VERY similar with the ability to like, save and comment. It was created for readers of PIG magazine to purchase the items featured. Now its the “most inspiring community of creatives in the world.”

What’s it like to buy? Similar to Poshmark, the app is run by sellers that create an account to upload their items. And just like Instagram, you can follow these sellers or browse through the explore page. Its not at all like a typical retail website but you can filter by category, silhouette and size, price and shipping options. Since really cool people sell on this app, you’ll find really cool clothing! However, since its just people selling, you may not get all the details on the listing and will need to reach out to the seller. Depop does have a no risk guarantee so you’ll always get your item or your money back.

What’s it like to sell? Listing an item is super easy but can only be accomplished on your phone. Insuring your items get seen is just like growing a following on Instagram. Its a social platform so staying active and following other sellers will increase your chances o f exposure. Your “shop” is set up just like an Instagram feed so the items are organized in the order you list and can’t be changed. However, customers can filter your shop by category, color, size and price. Depop takes a 10% fee from the the final sale price as well as 2.9% + $.30 for the Paypal transaction.

Best For: Cool, funky creative individuals with lots of friends looking to buy and sell.


What’s it about? Relovv is a new resale app that is similar to Depop and Poshmark. I actually like to think of it as a combination of Depop, Poshmark and Thred Up. It was started by a woman while in college and distinguishes themselves with a strong #girlboss persona. The app prefers to be known as sustainable fashion community by marketing the benefits of shopping second-hand. However, it’s biggest and most exciting distinguishing factor is the “relovv” feature. When you “relovv” an item from someone else’s closet, it is added to your own closet and increases its exposure. If the item sells, you get a cut of the profits at no cost to the original seller.

What’s it like to buy? When you first download the app, you take a style quiz so the app understands your style and brand preferences. Your homepage will be filtered to those preferences. Just like the other platforms you can filter by the usual category, size, color, and price to weed through all the listings. In addition, you can filter by those style categories such as punk, classic, neutral or vintage, among many more. Since it’s a fairly new platform and they’re still growing their seller pool, I was able to find the exact item I was looking for (a vintage white boho dress). So instead I browsed by “style”, then filtered to by size and price point and found something I loved! They also offer a no risk guarantee so your money is safe. Oh and FREE shipping!

What’s it like to sell? Listing item on the app is just like the others – very simple. Yet they help the seller determine the listing price by asking how much the seller would like to profit from the item. Then the various costs are clearly shown (unfortunately you are responsible for shipping), added to your profit and spits out a listing price. I appreciate their transparency and its pretty great if you’re terrible at math! However, I did come across some bug issues with the app would shut down in the middle of a listing or it would be difficult to scroll down. I did have the ability to rearrange my items within the shop after I listed, however my arrangement wouldn’t save so I gave up. Like I said, since it’s new there are still a few kinks to be worked out. Relovv also takes about a 12% fee + card processing but like previously mentioned this is already factored into your selling price before you list.

Best For: If you’re looking to be part of a new sustainable fashion platform during its rise and make a little side hustle money along the way. This is for those that are willing to stick it out for the long game instead of make money fast.


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