Easy DIY Holiday Sweaters

Since this week’s #thriftingtuesday post featured a Christmas sweater I found at the thrift store, I was inspired to DIY my own Holiday festive sweaters.  Full disclaimer: I am not a skilled DIYer 🙈.  So I wanted to create something that was easy and wearable that didn’t involve a sewing machine or appliques.  While at Hobby Lobby searching for inspiration I came across a slew of festive buttons.  I liked so many of them, I decided to create TWO sweaters DIYs!  If you re-create these I would love to see them!  Hashtag them #dashasholidaysweater on instagram or facebook 😊.


Step 1: Gather supplies

V-Neck Sweater // I picked up a men’s sweater from the thrift store but any V-neck sweater will do

2 bags of Christmas Lights buttons // These came from Hobby Lobby but unfortunately are not available on their website 😒

Needle and Thread

Step 2: Adjust fit of sweater (if needed)

This step is only necessary if you wanted to change the length of the sweater.  Since it’s a bulky sweater I need to cut off some length so I can either fully tuck into jeans or just a casual half tuck.

Step 3: Lay out the buttons

It’s important to roughly lay out the buttons and play with positioning BEFORE sewing them on.  I liked mine spaced with about an inch between each one.  You can also play around with the colors.  While I alternated the colors and mirrored each side, you can create any kind of color pattern you want!

I used the ribbing on the neckline to space out my beads.  Most sweaters will having a ribbed neckline to help you evenly space out the buttons.

Step 4: Sew them on!

Once you created a layout you love you can sew them on.  I sewed mine onto the very edge of the neckline so they look like a necklace and I really like how it looks.



Step 1: Gather supplies

Crew Neck Sweater // I pulled out an old sweater of mine that I haven’t worn in a while to give it a new life

Holiday or Winter Themed Buttons // I also picked these put from Hobby Lobby and they are not for sale online😒

Garden Gnomes Shank Buttons // Christmas Shank Buttons // Snowy Snowmen Friends Shank Buttons // Christmas Miniatures Holiday Shank Buttons

Step 2: Layout Buttons

Position buttons in a layout you like.  Make sure you are postioning them ABOVE your breast.  I’ll be honest with you; I eyed it and sewed it on right in the middle of my boob! But I just cut the thread and started again 😋.

Step 3: Sew it on!

Make sure to start from the inside of the sweater. I looped the thread around twice because this won’t be permanent.

Step 4: Enjoy!

This DIY is only 3 steps!


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