How to Nail Print Mixing without Print Clashing

Vintage Blue Gingham Shirt // Vintage Navy Polka Dot Shorts // Vintage Leather Hand Tooled Bag

Fashion should be all about having fun because when you have to get dressed everyday, so why not have fun?! So when I’m in a outfit rut or just want to get creative, I love playing around with mixing prints! But I understand that this task can be intimidating since it can get very crazy real quick. While there always an occasion for crazy outfits, they may not always be appropriate for a random Wednesday at work, or lunch with friends. So for today’s blog post, I’m sharing my tips to print mixing, without print clashing. The key to doing this successfully is to have a connecting attribute, like color, pattern or scale.

Mix Different Patterns in Similar Colors.

The outfit above and below illustrates illustrates how totally different patterns complement each other when they’re in the same color palette. The easiest way to achieve this is to pick ONE color for both pieces. Different tones of the same color also work, like I did here with a light blue and navy blue.

The example below gets a little bit crazier with a rainbow of colors. But they work because both pieces share the same colors.

Mix the Same Pattern in Different Scales

First, both of these patterns work together because they are part of the plaid family (madras and gingham). But what makes it interesting are their scales – big and small. This works with ANY pattern – big dot, small dot; big stripe, small stripe; big floral, small floral – all the patterns.

Yet the second reason they work together is because one of the patterns is simpler than the other. Therefore, the combination isn’t overwhelming with one of the prints acting as a “solid”.

Lastly, this combination works because of a single connecting color, Pink. If one of your prints has multiple colors, choose the secondary print with a color that also shows up in the first print. They will appear like they belong together. To further connect them, wear that connecting color in your accessories as well.

Mix the Same Pattern in Different Colors

The last combination includes the same pattern but in totally different colors! Since the print is the same, you can pair two pieces in different colors. This works best if the patterns only have two colors, or else the look can be overwhelming.

I’d love to see your print mixing looks! Tag @dashas_stylebook on Instagram if post a pic on your outfit!


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