How to Style a Men’s Sweater

I think by now you know I LOVE to shop the men’s section at the thrift store.  So it’ll come as no shock to you when I tell you I’ve been finding the majority of my new sweaters in the men’s section.  All kinds of styles from classic to oversized to funky.  One of my favorite finds this season is this marled beauty.  Well to be fair, my BF spotted it and thought I would “like” it.  I didn’t just like it, I loved it!

Working in the fashion industry and understanding the production of a garment , I’m aware of how expensive a real marl sweater is to produce.  It’s a difficult, long process which means the cost of the garment quickly rises.  The final product is always beautiful which is why most of us are willing to put up with the price tag. So at first glance, I knew this sweater was a gem!  Even more, it’s made of 100% merino wool so it’s incredibly soft and cozy. Needless to say, at only $3, frankly it’s a STEAL!

Lately, I’ve been evoking the sweater’s 70’s feel and wearing it with these Top Shop flared jeans.  The flare on these is more subtle than it would’ve been on an original 70’s pair which makes it more modern; and in my opinion, wearable with just about anything!  I also have a slight obsession with vintage brooches and I love to add them to my sweaters (make sure it’s not a dense knit to avoid adding holes). This brown daisy pin is the perfect addition. It’s color and style scream 70s!  As for shoes, the decade was known for round-toe styles (and a skyscraper platform) so I wore these modest Everlane heels.  They give just enough lift and the color complements the brown so well.

Thrifted Brooks Brothers Men’s Sweater  //  Top Shop Jamie Falre Jeans  //  Everlane Day Heel  //  Vintage Brooch  //  Target Hoops  //  Anthropologie Mug  //  NYX Matte Lip Cream in “Budapest”

Thrifted Men’s Sweater  //  Topshop Jamie Flare Jeans  //  Everlane Day Heel  //  Vintage Brooch (visit Etsy for beautiful vintage brooches!)  //  Target Hoop Earrings  //  Anthropologie Mug  //  NYX Matte Lip Cream in “Budapest”

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Photography by Jacob Baccus


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