How to “Un-Stuff” Stuffy Work Attire

It’s unfortunate now that I’m in my 30s I no longer work in an corporate office because I have always loved a killer professional outfit. Even in high school I would wear a white blouse with an A-line skirt and pointy toe heels when I had a presentation. There was something about a collared shirt and heels that made me feel more powerful and stand taller. I couldn’t wait until the day I was “age appropriate” to rock a tailored suit.

Sadly, when I finally did make my way into the corporate world it was 2010 and the pants were still a bit too low and the jackets awkwardly cropped. It all felt too stuffy and uncool to me. But after years experimenting with my style and taking inspirations for other style women, I’ve found ways of look professional, cool & stylish. Even though I don’t have to wear a these outfit to work anymore, its still one of my favorite looks to style so below are my key tips to unstuffing stuffy work attire.

My Styling Tips:

Embrace Imperfection: Avoiding a perfectly put together outfit is the key to “un-stuffing” a stuffy look. This can be achieved by wearing a sandal instead of stiletto (like I did in this look); or maybe only half tucking a button down shirt instead of the full tuck; or even wearing your hair in a more casual, effortless hairstyle. One or two areas of “imperfection” is all you need or else the look will feel messy instead of modern!

Play with Opposites: Juxtaposing silhouettes, decades or lengths is more unexpected therefore making it look more modern.

  • Professional & Casual: Like a graphic tee & any kind of professional trouser
  • Masculine & Feminine: In this look, I paired minimalist menswear inspired trousers with a extravagant feminine blouse juxtaposing masculine and feminine ideas.
  • Tailored & Oversized: An oversized and longer button down shirt with a slim pair of cropped trousers.

Go Monochrome: Tonal or monochrome will always look chic & stylish. Go one step furthur and wear an unexpected color head to toe like Red, light blue or blush pink.

Outfit Details: Vintage 70s Blouse available on Redkey Threads // Thrifted Trousers // Old Ann Taylor Sandals // Thrifted Bag // Thrifted Belt // Old JCrew Earrings / Lipstick

More Outfits Idea for the Office!

Photography by Jacob Baccus


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