July’s Thrift Store Challenge : Under $20 Outfit!

Hello! The thrift store challenge is back! When I published my first challenge my goal was to do one every month but for some reason I abandoned it and only did one (sorry!). For my first challenge I planned to create an entire outfit for $25 but that was clearly to easy because I was able to create TWO outfits for UNDER $25! You can see them here.

So for my comeback, I reduced the threshold to $20 and went shopping! One thing I have to mention is the challenge does not have to include shoes or accessories. Due to my small feet, its very rare I find a pair of shoes I like so I just use one from my collection – so let’s just call that free! I also have a TON of accessories and can usually use something to finish up the look as well.

This beautiful silk wrap skirt was the first thing I found and knew I needed to create a look with it! Mainly because it was coming home with me anyway. It was ticketed $12 but when I got to the register, it came to a total of $4! SCORE!

As I continued shopping I didn’t have a plan for the look until I saw this outfit from an & Other Stories email. It included a brightly patterned skirt and a vintage inspired neon green tee. I loved the retro surfer vibe combination, my mission became to find a lime green tee! I spotted this one in the Men’s section (always check out the men’s section!) and it was PERFECT. Its from 2012, so technically not vintage, but the colors and shapes in the graphic coordinated so well with the skirt, it was meant to be!

Finding this straw bag was just the cherry on top and this outfit came together for UNDER $20! I used my own shoes (old from Ann Taylor) and earrings (so old I can’t remember where they came from!) to finish the look and I love how it all came together! I honestly would wear this look anywhere! It would be great to a summer pool party or a dinner vacation! For me, I’ll be wearing it while grabbing some tacos 😋.

This was so much fun for me so I’m planning on doing a thrift store challenge once a month! What should my August be?

Tee: $5.35

Silk Skirt: $4.00

Straw Bag: $3.00

Total: $12.35

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Photography by Jacob Baccus


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