Making a Case for Black & Brown

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “rule breaker” but in the name of style, there are some rules that I choose not to follow.  For example, wearing black and brown together.  In my eyes, there is nothing wrong with pairing these colors.  After all, brown is made by adding black to orange. So they shouldn’t be considered evil enemies fighting for territory, but as close siblings happily playing together.

Let me start by saying that the easiest brown tone to wear with black is something akin to milk chocolate or camel.  The lighter the shade the less likely it is to be confused for black.  But that doesn’t mean a dark chocolate can’t coexist with black. Mixing the two simply requires a bit more strategy (that’s what I’m here for😁). I find it best to keep the outfit duo-chromatic and repeat the brown color at least twice throughout the look. That being said, when it comes to wearing black and brown together, remember rules are made to be broken. So go ahead and mix a pop of color like I did with this look. As I mentioned before, brown is made by mixing orange and black. I found this beautiful purse at my local thrift store (and in such perfect condition!)  It pairs rather nicely with this look and finishes off the outfit perfectly. If you want to take it a little further; red, pink and blue are also fun colors to pair with black and brown.  So next time you’re getting dressed, why not try to break a couple of “rules” 😎?

Vintage Faux Fur Jacket // Thrifted Shirt // Levi’s Wedgie Jeans // Micheal Kors Booties // Brown Fedora // Thrifted Purse // Marc Jacobs Lip Crayon in “Red-y to Go”

Vintage Faux Fur Jacket // Love this faux fur option § Thrifted Shirt // Similar striped shirt § Levi’s Wedgie Jeans § Micheal Kors Booties // similar option here § Brown Beret // similar here § Thrifted Purse // love this vintage one or this one  §  Marc Jacobs Lip Crayon in “Red-y to Go”

Photography by Jacob Baccus


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