My Groovy Buttons

Today I wanted to share a DIY that is so amazing I wish I had done it myself!  Check out this awesome DIY’d blouse I found at the Goodwill. The past owner of this shirt replaced the boring plastic buttons with these much cooler gold/bronze/brass buttons. Swapping the buttons is so easy to do and it makes such a drastic transformation!  You can make a change like this to a thrifted blouse to make it look more expensive or up cycle a blouse from your closet to give it a fresh new look! Obviously, the key is in having a collection of stylish buttons. I have two ways of accumulating said buttons.  One thing you can do is to collect all those extra buttons from anything you’ve bought recently. You know the ones you keep in case a button falls off but when it actually falls off you can never find that extra button?  The second way is to go on the hunt (if you like the hunt) for shirts or jackets that may not fit, but have really cool buttons that you could re-purpose.

What’s great about having a shirt like this is how quickly you can get dressed in the morning!  Just pop on your favorite jeans, shoes of your choice and you’re done!  No jewelry required because you’re already embellished!

I’m also starting to pull out my tights and (gasp!) wearing them with sandals.  A lot of influencers have been sporting this look and I’m loving it. It adds a fun pop of color and I get more use out of my shoes.  That’s a win win in my book!

Thrifted Button Down Shirt // Banana Republic Peacoat (similar one here) // Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans // Uniqlo Black Tights // ASOS Velvet Sandals (similar pair here) // Thrifted Bag (similar here) // Marc Jacobs Liquid Lip Crayon “Plum N Get It”


Photography by Jacob Baccus


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