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Last year, when the plaid blazer first came back onto the scene, I was into vintage and thrift shopping so I really wanted to find an original 80’s working girl blazer. Even though I love the instant gratification of a trendy Zara purchase, I also love having a piece of clothing that’s unique and only mine (maybe I’m selfish but I can’t help it!). I scowered so many stores for months but I kept finding blazers that were either too big or too expensive. While I searched high and low, the trend was picking up steam and I was trying really hard to resist the urge of buying whatever was available at Zara.

Finally! One day on a spontaneous shopping trip, I found it. I spotted the blue plaid pattern peaking out from a rack stuffed with vintage clothes and my heart skipped a beat. It was the perfect over-sized boxy fit which gave it that cool-girl vibe but not too big that it looked like I was playing dress up in my dad’s closet. It was made by Liz Claiborne so I imagined Tess Mcgill wearing this walking down Wall Street with Carly Simon playing in the background. There was no questioning it, I had to have it. I took it home, cut out the shoulder pads (the shoulders are still pronounced but a little less so without the pads) and that was the start to my plaid blazer collection.

I’ve been styling it very casually with a t-shirt and jeans but there are so many colors of tees and washes of denim, you’ll never get bored. I really love how this pink t-shirt picks up the subtle pink stripe in the pattern – I feel like the coolest Barbie ever 🙂 Nude oxfords complement the "borrowed from the boys" feel of the blazer, but there are so many shoe possibilities depending on the look you’re going for! A classic white sneaker finishes off the casual vibe for an easy weekend look or paired with a pointy-toe stiletto for a bad-ass work look.

Aside from the jeans/tee combo, I’ve also been imagining wearing this with a simple slip dress for a night-out look. I love the juxtaposition of the slinky, sexy slip and the boxy, boyish blazer – Alexa Chung vibes written all over it.

I’ve also been obsessed with adding pins to all my jackets – I think it adds a personal touch to your clothing. So even if you buy that jacket from Zara everyone owns, adding a cluster of pins or a patch or a huge vintage broach makes it unique to you. So for me, putting David Bowie Cat Pin on an 80’s blazer just made sense. And I love cats, so yea, the end.

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