Plaid Skirt + Cozy Sweater


Sweater + skirt = one of my favorite outfit combinations for Fall/Winter.  So the easiest pairing to for this multi colored plaid skirt is none other than a cozy white sweater.  It doesn’t have to be a turtleneck – any white or cream colored sweater will work beautifully.  The beauty is how it  highlights the skirt.  Wearing white against anything multi-colored will always make the colors pop just a bit more.

Since it is starting to get cold (even though on the day of this shoot it was not cold enough for a chunky sweater🤦‍♀️), I’ll be wearing my thigh high boots with practically every skirt outfit this season.  If you don’t have thigh-high boots in your wardrobe, I would highly recommend you get a pair ASAP. For the longest time I thought I “couldn’t pull them off” because of my short, thick legs. That was until I actually put them on.  The key for me is to wear them with skirts or dresses that hit right above my knee so that only the smallest part of my leg shows.  I also prefer skirt or dress shapes that flow away from the body, like a-line or fit & flare, that way they don’t emphasis the shape of my thighs (if you don’t see them, they’re not there right?).  But if you wanted to rock a tight mini then totally go for it!

Because my top and boots are neutral, I went with a bag that picked up on one of the colors in the skirt. This bag was another awesome thrift store find. I love it’s deep emerald green coloring, which coordinates so perfectly with this skirt!  I also have no qualms about mixing black and brown.  To me, this little bit of mis-match adds interest to an outfit. I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to wear it with this skirt because of a little bit of brown.  



Gap Sweater (similar here) // Thrifted Plaid Skirt (similar here & here) // Zara Boots (similar herehere) // Thrifted Green Bag // JCrew Earrings // Urban Outfitters Srunchie // NYX Powder Puff Lipstick in “Group Love”

Mini Lipstick Review: Matte formula but doesn’t try out the lips. The texture is between a liquid and bullet lipstick. Really easy to apply. But the applicator can be tricky if you have thinner lips. It’s not transfer-proof and doesn’t last through eating. However, it will last until you eat 🙂

Photography by Jacob Baccus


  1. October 10, 2018 / 1:36 PM

    Obsessed with it all, but especially love the earrings! 😍

    • dashasstylebook
      October 10, 2018 / 2:52 PM

      Thank you! You can actually buy the earrings now 🙂 And they’re on sale!

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