Red Sweater & Bright Pants

I picked up this 80’s sweater from the Goodwill a few weeks ago and was really excited to wear it when the weather cooled down a bit. It’s exactly the type of piece I look for at thrift stores – unique and just the right amount of funky. I actually turned it away the first time because it wasn’t on the $.99 Sunday special. Well, I guess it was meant to be because the following week, it was still at the store and this time it was half off (yay!). When I posted my haul on my insta-stories (follow me here to see what I buy!), a follower wanted me to style this sweater so I happily obliged! Today I’m sharing a work appropriate look, and tomorrow I’ll show you how I style this sweater for the weekend.

If you have been following on Instagram and took a gander at my feed, then you may have noticed my latest obsession with red which . It may be the reason I was so drawn to this sweater. Red is definitely the “it” color of the season, but I honestly acquired a lot of these red pieces unknowingly. I’ve also been loving wearing bold color combinations even more. So to create a really fun work outfit, I paired this sweater with these Zara mustard tailored trousers. This combo is a beautiful classic pairing of primary colors – red, yellow & blue.

The sweater has black lines outlining the pattern so I grounded this whole look with a black shoe. I’m sure I have talked about this in other posts, but you can use black to “neutralize” bright colors. The same is true for white, brown or grey. So if you’ve been eyeing a color combo but feel it’s too bold – just pair it with a neutral bag and shoes and you’ll be good to go. And yes, these shoes have bows on them… so I just had to wear them to play off the bow-like pattern on the sweater. 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my unveiling of look #2!


Sweater: Thrifted (some awesome bright blazers: here, here& here)

Pants: Zara (last season; similarhere)

Bag: Aleja Avila (found it at a thrift store but you can buy her bags here)

Shoes : Zara (old but lots of sizes are available on Poshmark)

Earrings: Vintage (similar here)

Lipstick: NYX Powder Puff Lipstick in “Group Love”

Mini Lipstick Review: Matte formula but doesn’t try out the lips. The texture is between a liquid and bullet lipstick. Really easy to apply. But the applicator can be tricky if you have thinner lips. It’s not transfer-proof and doesn’t last through eating. However, it will last until you eat 🙂

Photography by Jacob Baccus


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