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Thrifted Shell Necklaces // Vintage Gold Chain // Zodiac Medallion Necklace from Etsy

Shell necklaces started to pop up on the necks of influencers last year and has only gained exposure ever since (I talked briefly about them in my Spring trends post)! I was really intrigued by the trend so I scouted my local thrift stores for inexpensive ones to wear for the Summer. While looking for a very specific item at thrift store may be difficult, this was not! Plenty of people discarded their puka shell necklaces after the hipster surfer explosion of the 2000s so finding one I liked was very easy.

To make shell necklaces feel more modern and less surfer-y, I love layering a bunch of them together and mixing in gold necklaces. Its still fun and quirky with a touch of sophistication.

Since I can’t shop the thrift stores for you, I pulled together a bunch of my favorite options from Etsy – handmade and vintage! I’ve been trying my best to avoid buying “new” things as much as possible. But if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I will support local artisans first instead of big retailers. Its a more sustainable route and I find the pieces are more beautiful! With that said, scroll down for more shell necklace layering inspirations and my picks from Etsy!

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Shop Handmade Shell Necklaces

From Seaside Motifs
From Lani Makana
From Soul Sabai Store
From Talialuvaton Jewelry
From Goupi
From Tahi Shell Jewelry
From LPL Jewelry

Shop Vintage Necklaces

From Special Selection
From Hotel Valentine
From JD Vintage Creations
From Once In A Blue Moon Find
From Summers Breeze
From FrancescasCiondoli
From Addy Bugs


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