The Bermuda Short; a surprising summer staple

As a girl with thick thighs, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with shorts. I love that they keep my legs fabric-free during the hot summer months but I hate the chaffing (my girls with no thigh-gap know what I’m talking about). I hate the endless amount of shorts that are basically underwear. While I’m all about body positivity, I personally don’t want my butt cheeks out for the world to see. My other problem with shorts (this is starting to sound more like a hate relationship than love…) is how sloppy they look if I size up. Because of my thick thighs, my butt cheeks will hang out unless I size up almost 2 sizes but then they end up looking like a hot mess. It sounds like I should just give up on shorts, but I’m not a quitter.

Well, my persistence paid off one day when I was scouring the racks at a Goodwill, as I normally do. As if a light shone from above there they were, a pair of green plaid shorts. In case you haven’t heard, Bermuda shorts are trending. Slowly trending in a small small way but they are coming back indeed. So when I saw them, I thought why not? So I tried them on and I’m glad I did because they fit perfectly and are really comfortable to wear. Interestingly enough, when I looked up the brand, it turns out these are tennis shorts – for actual tennis playing (how chic would you look wearing these to a tennis match?). They’re made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that allows me to stay cool in the summer (the only reason I ever wear shorts). Plus no chafing! Eureka! And they can be worn to work. A Bermuda short will go a long way in your closet.

Now, at first glance, these shorts look like they could be hard to style but I’m going to share my best styling tip ever. You ready? Add a T-shirt. Ok, it’s not revolutionary or anything but just pairing a basic or graphic tee makes practically anything easy to wear. And it makes you look like a cool girl – Alexa Chung style. As far as shoes go, most people these days would probably pair this look with sneakers (or trainers as the Brits call them). A pair of worn in white Converse or black & white checkerboard Vans would really up the cool factor. But you’ll come to find out, I’m not really a sneakers kind of girl. So instead, I wore my trusty Everlane nude oxfords. I wanted to continue the menswear vibe of the shorts while still creating a leg-lengthening effect. Check and check.

So next time you find a piece of clothing that you love but wonder "how can I wear this?" Don’t forget the t-shirt! And next time you’re out shopping for shorts, keep an eye out for Bermuda shorts. I guarantee they’ll become your favorite go-to summer item.

Outfit Details

Tee: Topshop (find it on Amazon)

Shorts: Tail

Shoes: Everlane Oxfords

Bag: Fiorelli via TJMaxx (similar)

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

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