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Oh Hello There! I took an *unintentional* break from blogging as I moved from New Jersey to Oklahoma (yes, that happened!) but I’m back with another controversial trend that I’m LOVING (What’s new right?) – SWEATER VESTS! Your sweet old grandfather may be who comes to mind when you think of sweater vests but if you haven’t heard, the fashion world has been VERY inspired by the baby boomer generation lately! One such fashion house has been Gucci. The inspirational brand has been showcasing amazing layered looks on the runway featuring, of course, the sweater vest!

There is so much to love about them. The most practical reason being warmth (duh). Especially as we transition from cold mornings to cooler days, the sweater vest helps your body stay warm when layered over a shirt and under a jacket. Yet comfortable enough when the jacket comes off. (Grandfathers are always smart like that).

For more fashion related reasoning, wearing a sweater vest adds interest, texture and style. Just take a peek at the stylish ladies I featured below and you’ll see. The vest takes their look up a notch without being cumbersome like a jacket or chunky sweater. I especially love the idea of a buttoned vest over a dress (I’ll definitely be stealing that!).

So the next time you’re visiting your grandparents; or thrifting; pick up a sweater vest and start layering! You may be surprised at just how much FUN you’ll have!

(I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite vintage sweater vests below 😊)

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