The Only V-Day Outfit You Need

When I worked at Victoria’s Secret, Valentine’s Day was A BIG DEAL. For months, we would discuss which was the right shade of red (believe me – you can pick the wrong shade of red). Or whether red was dead? Is purple the new red? I was fully immersed in the holiday because I cared deeply and wanted my customer to have her best Valentine’s Day ever. Whether she was single, dating or in a committed relationship, we needed to make it perfect. Now that I’m just a consumer, I realize that there is way too much pressure on having the perfect day – for both men and women alike. Since this is a fashion blog, I’m not going to start blabbing about the relevance of the holiday but I will tell you something you may get a kick out of. I found out just last week that my BF of over 2 years didn’t know Valentine’s Day was always February 14th. For his 34 years of life, and multiple relationships within that time, he thought Valentine’s Day was like Thanksgiving; it was sometime within the second week of February, he guessed. I love him anyway.

Like I said, this is a fashion blog, so I’ll get to the topic at hand – what to wear??? This is always the first question that comes to mind when I’m going to any “event” and sometimes I dedicate hours of my time to it. This time is enjoyable for me, but I also understand Valentine’s Day can be stressful for a lot of people. Since one of my goals for this blog is to eliminate the stress of getting dressed, I’m sharing my no-fail outfit for Valentine’s Day that can be tailored to your personal style and relationship status.

The outfit concept is really quite simple with only 2 necessary components: a feminine blouse and black jeans. Shoes and accessories are up to you. Right now you may be screaming “duh!” but let me explain why this outfit works so well.

  1. It’s economical: Most likely, you already own a pair of black jeans you love. The shoes and accessories can also come from your closet. The only item you may need to buy is a feminine blouse, but this piece will become a staple in your wardrobe if you don’t have one already.
  2. It’s the perfect mix of fancy and casual: My favorite way to dress is to look like I just threw something on with just a touch of overdressed. This look is also great if your date is surprising you (🙄) and you don’t know if you need to be casual or fancy. When you’re both, you’ll be dressed for any occasion!
  3. It can be tailored to you personal taste: The color, print and style is completely up to you. I’m wearing a white blouse because I love how ethereal it is and how it counterbalances the punk-like jeans. But you can wear red if you want be more festive or a fun pattern if you want to be more playful. Also, the style of the black denim is completely up to you. Skinny, straight, wide leg, cropped – a feminine blouse will look great with any leg opening.
  4. It works for a night in, girls night, or a night out, by simply changing your shoes and make-up. Homemade dinner? Opt for simple makeup. Girl’s night out? Throw on those trendy sneakers so you can dance the night away! Romantic night out? Simple black heels add extra elegance to the look.

I’m loving all these feminine blouses in stores now!

Free People Perfect Duet Blouse
H&M Smocked Blouse
Free People Better For You Blouse
UO Square Neck Blouse
UO Maggie Mock Neck Top

Free People Blouse // Madewell Jeans // Vintage Belt // Zara Boots // Vintage Purse // Vintage Coat // Vintage Earrings // Sephora Lip Stories in Pineapple Express

Free People Blouse // Madewell Jeans (similar here) // Vintage Belt // Zara Boots // Vintage Purse // Vintage Coat // Vintage Earrings // Sephora Collection Lip Stories in Pineapple Express

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Photography by Jacob Baccus



  1. Norma Baccus
    February 17, 2019 / 12:57 PM

    You look beautiful! Love that blouse!

    • dashasstylebook
      February 18, 2019 / 12:34 AM

      Thanks so much Norma!

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