The Wardrobe MVPs That Will Change Your Life

A lot of discussion goes into the right bras and panties needed for you wardrobe – black, nude, strapless, t-shirt, thong, seamless – its all been covered. Yet, no one really talks about the not-so-sexy layering pieces that, in my opinion, are the MVPs of any wardrobe. And I’m not talking about shape-wear here (I prefer not to be suffocated in 80 degree weather) – these garments graze rather than girdle. They are necessary for clothing that’s a bit too sheer, stat-icky or need to be smoothed out. They are especially useful if you’re a fan of vintage clothing. Women “back in the day” always wore undergarments so sheer and thin fabrics were not a concern to them. So if you find yourself falling in love with a beautiful vintage piece that’s a bit too sheer, you can gleefully take it home with you!

The 3 styles I wear on repeat are the Slip Dress, Half Slip and Bodysuit. I found my pieces from Gap a looong time ago when Gap Body actually sold utilitarian undergarments. Unfortunately, these days these styles are not readily available but I scoured the shops to find them in an array of price points! I personally own each style in nude and black. But if you just wanted to start with one color, the nude is definitely your best bet!

Slip Dress

I wore my slip dress under this vintage slip to extra coverage!

JKY by Jockey for Target Slip $18 (also available in black & white)
Commando Cami Mini Slip $78 (also available in black)
Hanky Panky Slinky Slip $72 (also available in black)

Half Slip

I’ll always wear a half slip under thin and slinky skirts!

Commando Half Slip $48 (also available in black)
Jockey Half Slip $26 (also available in black)
JKY by Jockey for Target Half Slip $14 (also available in nude & white)


If you don’t want your bra showing, the bodysuit provides coverage under thing white tops!

Free People Seamless Romper $38 (available in 4 more colors)
Gap Seamless Bodysuit $20 (available in black)


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