Thrift Store Challenge: Recreating Carrie Bradshaw

Guys, this challenge was HARD.

For August’s thrift store challenge, I had asked my Instagram followers what I should do and someone recommended I recreate a celebrity look! So I had posted a couple options on my instagram for all my followers to vote on and this look Carrie Bradshaw look was the winner! FYI: Carrie Bradshaw is a celebrity to me 🙂 Now we know how crazy some of her looks were so I thought I has picked something more tame and would be easier to find (its a black and white floral skirt and white jacket for goodness sake). Well, I was wrong. It seems when I started looking for something specific, I could not find it! I’ll be completely honest you with, I had to go to multiple thrift stores over multiple days; And I still had to take some creative liberties to pull together this look.

After visiting two stores and finding nothing I liked, I thought about calling it quits and choosing a different outfit. But I didn’t want to quit on you guys! Instead I decided to use this as a teaching opportunity. The lesson here is how to understand the elements of an outfit to inspire an outfit rather than copy it exactly. This way, you can also “recreate” the look while making it completely your own!

These are the elements that make this outfit great:

  1. Print Mixing: Carrie loved a playing around with different prints, so look for two different but complementary prints (read: how to print mix)
  2. Black and White with a Pop of Color: Majority of the colors in the outfit are grounded in black and white. But the print in the coat and colored bag adds some extra interest to the whole look.
  3. Feminine and Sophisticated: The knee length pleated skirt and dainty strappy sandals evoke chic girlishness.
  4. Quirky Accessories: The heart necklace and green patterned bag provide enough of a playful touch without being overpowering.

So while my outfit isn’t an exact replica, its pretty darn close and stays true to elements of Carrie’s look. And while everything didn’t come from one store, everything is thrifted! I also want to mention that I only choose pieces I would re-wear instead of just picking pieces that looked the closest. There were jackets that were white grounded florals but either didn’t fit right or looked dated. Even though we are thrifting, any money spent on items we won’t wear again is too much money spent!

OK guys, what should be next Thrift Store Challenge be???


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