3 Ways to Wear a Men’s Shirt

One of my favorite items of clothing to buy at the thrift store (besides skirts, of course) are Men’s Shirts. For me, a men’s shirt is the epitome of cool and sexy. It may have been Carrie who introduced me to the idea of wearing men’s clothing and making it look so damn fashionable but wherever it began, it’s a styling trick that the best of the best live by. Now of course the most fashionable retailers come out with "boyfriend" style shirts every season, but why buy something new when you can get the original? An original that’s top-notch quality (like the green one below that’s 100% silk) is around $5 – $6! Since I started thrifting, I’ve amassed somewhat of a collection of men’s button-down shirts (it’s really easy to do at $5 a pop). It’s the simplest way to look effortless and stylish with only a pair of jeans. So I wanted to show you three of my favorite ways to wear them. Trust me – you’ll become obsessed too!

Style Trick #1

The Half Tuck

By now, everyone is familiar with the tuck (which I still do all the time) but these days I’ve been really loving the the way a half tuck looks with jeans. This shirt is a fitted men’s shirt so its on the smaller end of the oversized spectrum and therefore doesn’t look sloppy when only half tucked. In fact, there’s something effortless about it while still looking stylish.

Style Trick #2

The Knot

For shirts that are drapey and fluid (this bad boy is 100% silk), I love the look of the single knot in the front. The fabric allows the ends to fall really nicely instead of sticking out. You can also double knot it if the ends are long but the length of this shirt screamed single knot. This trick will also make your waist look smaller (what I always strive for) since you’re cinching in at the smallest part of your body while leaving the upper-half baggier.

Style Trick #3

The Wrap

I’ve only recently started wrapping my shirts but I really love how it looks, especially when they are striped . I’d like to just pause here for a moment to admire this stripe in particular. Isn’t it amazing??? I just love these colors so much, I can’t get over it. Ok, now more about the wrap. This trick may be a little bit out there but it’s really just mimicking a classic women’s wrap top. Just doing it with a men’s shirt makes it really cool and unique. Like the knot, it also adds a slimming effect to the body since it draws the eye diagonally across the body. Head over to my instagramfor a quick tutorial on how to create the wrap!

Want more tricks?

Here, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, KarenBritChick, shows you 11 different ways to wear a men’s shirt!

Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie Fit


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