DIY Tie-Front Tee

Hi beautiful people! Today I’m starting a new series on my blog called Thrifting Tuesdays where I share with you all the wonderful things I find at the thrift store. While I have always had a love of vintage clothing and finding that one of kind of piece (if it’s cheap I’ll take it), I only recently discovered what a treasure chest thrift stores, like Goodwill, can be for really cool pieces. Also, and not to get all political on you here, but reusing clothes is environmentally friendly. Since I am an avid shopper and consumer, I thought I would lessen my footprint, if only by a little bit by reusing and recycling clothes. And it’s safe to say, I’ve become obessed.

One of my favorite items of clothing to by at the thrift store areT-shirts. Especially now, when the trend is all about wearing the Tee in all shapes and forms, I have been stocking up! And they are soooo cheap – only $2-$3. I mean, how great is that??? I have found a bunch of really good quality men’s tees that are just the right amount of oversized that they look really cool when tucked into just about anything (check out what I mean here).

But you can also transform them into the season’s trendiest shape, like tie fronts, which I’m going to show how to do that right here! And trust me it’s super easy even if you’re a novice. And if you mess up, you can always just cut it into a crop top… after all, it was only $3.

Step 1

Gather Supplies

For this project you will need:

1. Oversized T-Shirt

2. Tape measure (or the free one you get from Homegoods)

3. Pencil or any type of marking tool

4. Scissors

Yea so, that’s it.

Oh and if you wanted some helpers, that’s fine too (but they made leave hair everywhere).

Step 2

Mark Desired Length

Skimmer Length (falls at belly button) = 19"-20"

Crop Length (fall above belly button) = 17" – 18"

Super Crop (when your pants almost go up to your boobs) = 14"-15"

I went for the Skimmer Length at 19.5". Measure from the middle of the highest point and mark the length you want. Then lay you’re measuring tape horizontally at that marked point and make a mark at each side. This is where you will starting cutting.

Step 3

Cut 4 1/2" on each side

Step 4

Mark and Cut the Ties

Ok, this is where you’ll need some knowledge of geometry. But stay with me, it’s only triangles.

Starting from the end of the section you just cut into, draw a line to the bottom middle point.

Do that on both sides so they connect at the bottom to form a triangle.

Then draw a line down the middle of that triangle.

Next, cut the lines you just traced. I like to cut the big triangle first and then cut it down the middle.

Lastly, cut the back section off.

Step 5

Tie it up and Enjoy!

Ok, now just tie the two pieces together and voila! You just made a tie front shirt!

If the ends are too long, you can trim them up a little bit.

How fun is this shirt now? You can wear it with absolutely everything! I know I will be.


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