My Skirt Collection & How to Style

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Hi. My name is Dasha and I’m addicted to skirts. Specifically, long, slinky, flowy, feminine skirts. I just love them so much. I love how girly they make me feel AND how comfortable they are. They are my go-to in the Spring & Summer time, for work and play. So every time I’m in a thrift store, I am hitting up the skirt section. All the skirts shown above I’ve found at thrift stores! When I’m looking through racks, I always gravitate towards something floral or silky. And usually a long or midi length – but honestly, I’m 5’3 so it’s always long on me #shorty.

My favorite way to wear skirts is to balance them with a super casual tee (look #1). While these skirts can look frumpy or too mature, juxtaposing them with a casual, graphic tee creates that really easy, cool outfit. Also, since the skirts are slinky and thin, I prefer tees cropped or knotted at the waist instead of tucking them in so that there’s no extra bulk around my waist. For shoes, I really think you have loads of options depending on your style but I have personally been wearing them mules this summer (but they would look really cool with sneakers too). Again, I love how these silver ones juxtapose against the casualness of the tee . It’s fancy without being too fancy (if you get what I mean).

Another way I love to wear these skirts are with tight, cropped muscle tanks like this one I picked up from Target (look #2). I’m probably going to sound like a broken record but I live by the rule of balance when it comes to style(or maybe it’s breaking the rules???). So in this case, I balance a feminine skirt with a traditionally masculine shaped top. I went one step further and mixed stripes with florals (whoa, groundbreaking) but I mainly liked the shape of the tank. This skirt was also a tad too big so I just folded it on the side and secured it with a vintage broach. Voila! This works even if the skirt is wayyyy too big because you can create a faux wrap skirt with this trick! Along with mules, I like to wear really simple slides with these skirts. Especially when I want to be extra comfortable that day.

Going along with crop tanks, I also like wearing my midi shirts with sweater tanks as I start to transition my wardrobe (look #3) into a Fall wardrobe. Sweater tanks + midi skirts are also great for the office or if you’re wanting a tad more sophistication that day. And of course, my silver mules. Because they are just that great.

For my last look, I wanted to show you how you can transition these skirts for the Fall. While I wear them to death in the summertime, I also love how they look with a cropped sweater (gotta love that crop) and ankle boots. Now this skirt is in a very autumnal color palette so it really does transition perfectly. But when the name of the game is balance, I also love wearing super summery hues in the Fall, i.e.I would wear that purple floral skirt from Look #2 with a chunky black crop sweater and pleather ankle boots. How great would that be??? Oh man, now I want cooler weather to come just so I can wear that outfit! But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself since I’ll want to wear linen dresses when the Winter hits. #thestruggleisreal.


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