Weekend Adventures: Volant, PA

First off I want to say sorry for missing Sundays post. I was in the process of moving so my schedule was so hectic and then we didn’t get internet at our new place so I had to skip that week. But I’ll be back at it this Sunday!

A few weekends ago, on one of the flucke warm weekends in March, we decided to visit an old historic Pennsylvania town that I had heard about from a PA newsletter. The newsletter talked about cute old houses, craft stores and a beautiful river walk so I was obviously sold. The town was small with all the attractions on one street but it boasted a lot of fun shopping and antiquing.

At our first stop, Volant Miniature Shop, we devoured the most delicious apple fritters ever. Now I was never the biggest fan our apple fritters so trust me when I tell you these were amazing. They were too sweet and they had just the right about of apple chunks. I also had a chocolate raspberry scone that was also delicious. Not at all dry or hard and baked with real raspberries. This place is worth the drive even if you get nothing but the fritters.

We then hopped around from store to store, checking out what each one had to other. Most of them sold hand made candles, knitted crafty things and knick-knacks. But I did find a really cool vintage wooden box bag (sorry I forgot to take a picture of it but I’ll post it on my Instagram this week). I’m not going to use it as a bag but maybe I’ll just use it as a fun decor piece.

Speaking of bags – who else is loving a belt bag? It’s not just me right? Even since I got this black one from & other stories, I’ve been wearing it everywhere I go on the weekends. It’s really convenient for when you know you need both of your hands (like a robust shopping trip) or even a quick errand run when all you need is a credit card and keys. I plan on getting more – I definitely need a brown one pronto.

It was so serendipitous that this town just so happened to have stores inside storage crate and one of them was teal! I haven’t worn these teal socks in years and yet, on this one day I decided to wear fun socks. It was the perfect blogger set-up, I couldn’t not take pictures in front of it right?


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