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I hope I don’t start everything blog post with an apology but I have to say sorry again for the lack of posts these past weeks. Like I mentioned in my last post, I recently moved and we’ve run into some hiccups which has made taking photos and posting a challenge. Our biggest headache right now is experiencing the slowest darn interest ever (insert angry face). I’m currently sitting at a Barnes and Noble writing this because the internet at home can barely load ONE webpage (let alone upload photos). But I did manage to capture my outfits from this past week so I’m excited that I can finally share them with you! It was only after I started working on this post that I realized I went a little hog-wild on wearing my vintage/thrifting pieces. Sometimes I like to create a theme for my week outfits (yes a bit OCD and yes, I’ll talk about that another week when I’ve actually done that) but I did not intentionally do that this week – I was just really drawn to them! I know that makes it a harder for you to mirror these outfits (sorry!) but I did my best to find very similar pieces.

Monday April 23rd, 2018

Tshirt Thrift(similar)SkirtVintage(similar)Shoes H&M(similar)Necklace Etsy

I found this skirt last weekend at Pittsburgh thrift store, Thriftique, and I knew this was pretty much my last chance to wear a wool skirt because the weather finally warms up (and yet it’s 38 degrees right?!). Since a skirt like this can get fancy or stuffy real quick, I always pair it with a casual t-shirt. This one is actually a men’s sleep shirt I found a thrift store but it it had the perfect shape when tucked into a skirt or jeans that gave the look just right amount "coolness". I’ve also been pairing lots of outfits with these black mules – they add enough ugly to keep any outfit from feeling too pristine.

Tuesday April 24th, 2018




AmericanEagle Jeans


Shoes ASOS(similar)

If you visit my Instagram you’ll get to see the back of this cardigan because it’s magnificent and the whole reason I bought this cardigan. It’s also crazy comfortable – I knew I had a long day ahead of me so I just wanted to be comfortable. I paired it with these light wash flare jeans because they were 1.comfortable 2.mirrored the ever-so-trendy 70s vibe of the cardi. The similar cardigan I found from Urban Outfitters looks equally comfortable but has a different color palette. I suggest pairing it with a white T-shirt and you’ll look equally as chic and comfy. (How many times can I say comfortable in this post?)

Wednesday April 25th , 2018



SlipVictoria’sSecretShoes SamEdelman(similar)

Necklaces Etsy

When I get to a seasonal cusp I pick out things to wear “one last time” before I put it away. This dress was that piece because it’s flannel and even though it’s sleeveless I won’t be wearing it when it gets warm (which seems to be never at this rate).

Thursday April 26th, 2018





I bought these jeans from top shop about a year ago when cuff details were all the rage. Well it seems they are no longer the rage because I couldn’t find a single current pair of jeans with a crazy cuff (side stripes is the new thing and I will be getting myself a pair). But mustard is the color of the year and I love how it acts as a “neutral” – I didnt want to just wear black with these jeans but wearing a bright color was a bit much. Mustard was that that happy place which made me happy. Notice the shoes :)?

Friday April 27th, 2018

Jacket Vintage(similar)



JeansAmerican EagleShoesAnnTaylor(similar)Necklaces


I found this vintage bomber jacket in Austin, TX and I was so excited to wear it – it just makes a basic T-shirt and jeans look that much color. But really any patterned bomber jacket will do that (the similar one I found is perfect for the summer). I’ll definitely where this jacket with white and navy in future but on this day I wanted to pick up on the red color in the pattern – it really helps to pop the print and make it that much more of a statement piece.


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